July 30, 2014– Bees and flowers

My dear darling Mr. Elephant,

I am at work, feeling quite energetic. It’s still Eid el Fitr (the feast marking the end of Ramadan fasting) and many have taken Wednesday off as it has been announced a public holiday. The roads and the offices here are empty and it feels so very calm.

I am still having coffee, a cappuccino from a small local coffee kiosk right next to the bigger Colombiano chain.

It was good to hear your voice yesterday evening, familiar and soothing, it sounded reachable, close, yet you’re miles away.

Maybe I should send yesterday’s beach bees to you. This way they can make special signals and then I can ask them to carry magical sugars that inflate into letters.

It seems that bees may travel back and forth to the same destination to collect sugar substances or pollen.

“Waggle dance is a figure eight pattern while the bee waggles its abdomen and is used for food located at a distance of more than 150 meters. The dancing worker bee also can indicate direction with the waggle dance and will move in reference to the sun’s vertical position. The degrees to the right or left of the vertical indicate the direction of the food. For example, if the bee’s dance is rotated 30 degrees to the vertical then the food will be found at a 30 degree angle from the nest related to the sun’s vertical.”

Yesterday’s bee dance was quite long, indicating that the hive may have been 150 meters or way further. But how long should the bees dance and waggle if they were to travel to Berlin? I guess the dance would take half as long as the traveling, especially if the super-bees take their time, they would have to do several stops from wild flower to wild flower across two continents to recharge. Bees do not use trains, cars and rockets and their traveling will be similar to Henry Thoreau’s “Walden, Life in the Woods”. It could take forever!

I should think of other methods to send you letters and such then.

Sometimes I day dream of floating over to you just to check on you. A contemplative glimpse of you at the hairdresser, at the bicycle place, a quick hug. A mere non-interruptive glance that keeps the flow of your day intact but lets me see you, except for the hug, it will be an engulfing caress right before you go to bed in the evening.



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