20 May 2015 — Today

Dear baby,

The sky was clear and the weather hot today. Sweltering hot, and so mom, my sister and I folded our towels in half and spread them on the sand right next to the sea. Feet touching the cold waters and heads on our self-made pillows, we slept on our backs every thirty minutes and then turned to greet the sun for another thirty. We swam too. Mom who cannot swim at all due to a childhood trauma, rushed to the sea blissfully, jumping in the shallow water not only once, but thrice. Liquid clear, cold, and salty, it reminds one of how beautiful life is. One could say that the ocean’s function in Summer is to remind us of instant gratification. Sun-tanning should not always be painful sacrifice, merely because one can give time to the sun and then take from the sea.

Today I also knew that my boss at work was leaving, and was thus wrapping her tasks up in order to assign them temporarily to another lady who works on the same floor. My colleagues, upon hearing the news, rejoiced, and told me that they were eager to meet me on Thursday. They want to share news, a hill of it, they said. I felt a little bit sad and wondered why I was leaving now that she was leaving. I would have loved to experience working with people whose presence and attitude I like, without the presence of a useless annoyance, at least for a while. I wondered, why would she employ two more team members and another person whose skills cannot be assessed? Perhaps she wants to control the future of the position and the team she feels she owns by deciding who gets to permanently be in the team who will now “belong” to the other person.

Tomorrow I will move to the Gemmeyze apartment in order to feed the cat in the morning instead of the evening. My sister and her friend P will also join me. I do not want to sleep alone in that huge apartment without the elephant.

Thursday is two days close, and I wait, eagerly.



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