20 May 2015 — Today

Dear baby, The sky was clear and the weather hot today. Sweltering hot, and so mom, my sister and I folded our towels in half and spread them on the sand right next to the sea. Feet touching the cold waters and heads on our self-made pillows, we slept on our backs every thirty minutes […]

Seven Kisses

Dear, today there will not an asparagus day, I was thinking of a salad-potatoe-salad-saussauge day or evening. Maybe with some carrots and “sahne joghurt” (Kirsch oder Erdbeere.) I did not take care of my social live this week, so I am staying at home. But I am out of serials. I startet another one from […]

8 more days

Dear elephant, Where did you read this list? I could not find it online.  Do you remember that time when the elephant and the squirrel were getting ready to sleep and the ill elephant was coughing on the squirrel?  The squirrel found it a bit too unpleasant, but then she looked at the big happy […]

9 days…

1. Watch something moving in the wind. 2. Lie down on a street and change the view of the world. 3. Exchange one of your shoes with someone. 4. Call out to a squirrel in the city. 5. Open every drawer as quickly as possible. 6. Look at people watching a movie. 7. Wait for […]

May 10, 2015 — Impatience

Dear L*, I was watching, just a few minutes ago, a video in which a Christian parliamentarian started his speech at the parliament with the following: “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God, Amen”. The sarcastic sentence with its laughable absurdity, was a reaction to some Muslim […]

Happiness moments

My dear, the good thing about all this is, that I can read the things that you write. I kind of missed that. Reading your letters, and I like your style and your observations. The Super Mom :) (She also does sound a bit scary or how can I say, this idea to ENJOY… I […]