Six days left, six pieces of Haribo Colorado

Sweet, I lovee to read you observations about Victoria secret :) (I myself never really feel comfortable in any clothes shop, but my experience at Muju was OK. The Muju-people are also very polite, but not in an american way. Nobody really came to me to help me in my desicion process. I sometimes like to get […]

March 27, 18:29

Hello my dear, the sheep and the fox… interesting. (This are indeed animals that suits you, especially the fox… I am not sure about the sheep, but maybe some aspects of the sheep too. Do you know “A wild sheep chase”, a book from Haruki Murakami, a long time ago I read it, I liked […]

March 27, 2014 — just a week left

My love, I like the topic of confession, blogging, and guilt, and especially how it is turned into a trend. In the case you mentioned, it does sound like an emotion that was in vogue, a fashionable depiction of what is nationally accepted. The way this human emotion and all other emotions can be warped and […]

March 26

Dear, I remember this book of Jaspers about the question of german guilt (I remember him saying something that there is also an element of excitement if you confess your guilt. He said, that the germans (and he wrote the book in 1945, where the germans have been heavily confronted with the guilt question, at […]

March 26, 2014 — On Christian Confession and Blogging

L*, The book you have read sounds very interesting, the idea of comparing Christian confession and its humbleness with writing a “blog” is mentally stimulating. It depends on which philosophy of Christianity he follows, there are different theological paths, isn’t there? I feel that current Christian Catholicism is influenced by an existential pathway, and if one […]