A cake, would be good. I am just imagining how that would be, what kind of squirrelism that would be. (First of all, all kind of complaints about missing tools. Then the elephant is sent do buy the appropriate tools or ask the neighbours…. Have you ever done it anyway? A cake :)) I am […]

Bee dance

Hi my sweet, you did some bee-research. interesting… (I am still a bit angry about the species, even though it was probably a wesp that stung me last summer.) Today was a not a very good day. Low energy, too much heat, no good organisation :( I am also missing our routine and I miss […]

July 30, 2014– Bees and flowers

My dear darling Mr. Elephant, I am at work, feeling quite energetic. It’s still Eid el Fitr (the feast marking the end of Ramadan fasting) and many have taken Wednesday off as it has been announced a public holiday. The roads and the offices here are empty and it feels so very calm. I am […]