Link before I leave

So I need to check skype now soon :) Today I saw this link for an interesting art performance, which is going on in Berlin during the next days. I could be interesting for L. I am sending you the link to artist webpage. You can send it to him, if you like. I haven’t […]

In a children’s room

Dear, now I am packing :) I am leaving in the afternoon and I am already looking forward to talk to you, hopefully tonight. Yesterday it was wrong, that I did not communicate with you during the day. But there was no way to get in touch with you until I reached home. (But that […]


Sweet, I read you very interesting message with some delay, as I am so busy here and my internet-time is very limited. Guess, I did not even find time to read the newspaper :). Writing to you is more important than reading the paper for sure. It is interesting that Nasrallah can function as kind […]

September 23, 2014 — :)

Dear L*, You must be on your way to your destination right now. Please give me a signal once you arrive. I just got back home and we’re watching the news right now. Everyone is curious about the US’ actions in Syria. Some feel it’s positive and others think it’s bad for the region, especially […]


The grumpy elephant says hello to the grumpy squirrel :) (I had internet problems again, so my mood it not too good at the moment, and I am extremely hungry now, maybe because of the internet-problems:) How is the dog? Is he better? He seemed to be so tall, that one thinks he could not get […]