October 31, 2014 — Packing is hectic

Dear L*, The day began so quickly and the sun went back into the sea, and here I am, almost getting ready to leave the office. Time runs. There have been some positive developments at work, but I cannot predict the course of things or whether my advances will be completely in my favor. It all depends on […]

25055 minutes too late…

yes… that is what the Squirrel and the Elephant will do…. :) Now the Elephant will do some kind of squirrelism, he will steal himself away from the computer, run down, enter the cafeteria and will quickly eat something before his meeting. Hmm. It is quite late… Will he make it? He has only 35 […]

Social Freezing

Dear, are these real squirrels, I mean plastic ones, in this box? It’s funny, but its also nice… (Even though the squirrel do look a bit scary:)) I keep seeing squirrels here too… The other day I saw one, it was relatively slow, so I could follow its movements. Maybe I am also improving in […]

Back from Saturn

Hello my sweet, now it is dark outside. My rhythm is in disorder :) I postponed traveling because I realized tomorrow is a holiday, and I decided to actually stay one more day, to get some work done, before I got tomorrow morning, that will be still early enough for my meeting in the afternoon. […]

1 October 2014 — Music and caresses

Dear L*, I am happy that I replaced the 11 p.m. call with a 4:30 p.m call instead. It does feel different to talk to you when I’m not in pajamas! Outfits create different moods in general. Yesterday I bought nice velvety wardrobe hangers, they made me happy. As I was saying on the phone, […]