The endless kiss

Dear, today I was thinking, I would like to kiss you. (One thing I would like to do and I was thinking about it for a while, is the endless kiss. This I would like to do. I would wander around your body and kiss every spot. I was daydreaming about that today, in the […]

Supporting Camaroon

So you are with Brazil… Well, we will see. (I am actually already supporting Camaroon in the first game :), because they are the underdog, and I do support african teams in general. So we do not agree on this. But who knows, maybe I become also a Brazil-supporter during the worldcup :) Today we […]

May 24, 2014 — Enjoy tonight!

I just went on Google and researched “Adlershof crowd” and “Adlershof people”, but I could not get a distinctive defining image. Ah well, these things one has to sense them live.  I feel better today, I am strangely exhausted though and I am wondering whether it’s a mental thing, like me putting myself in such […]

Get well soon!

Hi Squirrel, I am sitting again in front of Subway. This time it is raining. (With rain the atmosphere is even more weird here.) But it logistically spoken a good deal. I pass by, check my mails, write to you and then drive home. (I imagine when you come to Berlin, we are going to have […]

May 22, 2014 — Spending time with you

Dear L*, I just got back  home and I am sitting, legs crossed, on the living room sofa.  In front of me are big transparent glass vases that the landlord has kept in a corner. I am wondering which plant could like these big vases as a home. I am imagining them less than halfway […]

Infinity chocolate caramel

I had indeed some ice cream today :) (It’s called “infinity”. That probably means that the pleasure is endless. But then the pleasure is is over after a few bites. This endless pleasure I combined with finishing “non-place” from Marc Auge. At the end he is talking about our desire to finally colonize the moon […]