Zero days

Last night I missed your Skype messages…. Were you concerned about the robbery in the KDW? (Thinking where will I go there, what kind of place is it?) But I think when it comes to crime Beirut is the much safer place. So you always have to watch your bag and be careful. I also […]

Berlin as a depressed person

Dear, you buying a normal black one, that is a relief :) But the others are quite remarkable, I have to admit I find them quite intriguing. I loved all these photos… Beirut looks so clean, fresh and full of energy. You are sure you want to come to Berlin (Berlin now is quite a […]

December 15, 2014 — Hamra

My dear darling, Thank you for writing to me this morning :) I have a packed day and it’s energizing. I managed to break the work spree and utilize time meant for lunch break to buy a few essentials, one of which is a new travel bag, as the green bag at home is gradually collapsing. And so I […]

Ein großes Mädchen

Squirrel! Where are you? There is all the sudden sun in Berlin. It is early in the morning, it’s cold, but there is sun. Maybe it will stay :) I miss you… I assume you are now sitting in traffic or you have already reached the office. I wish I could sit next to you and […]

Behind the curtains

Curtains, oh baby curtains are terrifying me :) (I already have this beige ones, but there are hidden in some storage place… I also do not like curtains usually even though there are exceptions. But we will sure have some :) (Definitely we will have them, because also you will always say: “…but the neighbors.” […]