Seven Kisses


today there will not an asparagus day, I was thinking of a salad-potatoe-salad-saussauge day or evening. Maybe with some carrots and “sahne joghurt” (Kirsch oder Erdbeere.)

I did not take care of my social live this week, so I am staying at home. But I am out of serials. I startet another one from the creators of The Wire about the New Orleans desaster, but it does not work, I will not continue it. (It is actually terribly cheasy.) Maybe I check The Wonder from Terence Malick, or do you want us to see it together?)

I wish we could go to the movies tonight. We could entertain ourselves with the new mad max movie which got good reviews, since it is an intensive staging of cinematic movements and speed. (As I assume it will also run in Beirut :))

I am also looking forward to have after work drinks with you. Something that does not work in Berlin, maybe because of the layout of the city and also because of the climate. We will definitely have a few after work drinks and then we will also have a walk on the corniche and I am wearing my sunglasses :)

And I am also looking forward to sit next to you in the car and see how you are driving, moving the car through the city in this beautiful mix of elegance and agression :) (And that brings us back to Mad Max, which is more or less only about driving and speed. Maybe you can find some inspiration there.)

I miss you!

I am sending seven kisses for the days we have to wait and suffer.



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