Oh, this elephant has a lot of tattoos ! (Maybe we can use that as an inspiration to spicy up my natural body surface… An elephant skin is already a very structured intense surface with a lot of natural tattoos, I guess…  There is that saying that people have an “elephant skin”, but I do […]

Florilegium means “Blütenlese”

Hi sweet, I learned a new word: florilegium :) (The smart squirrel was bringing it up.) I also liked the picture. And I am also impatient. (A minute ago I destroyed the alarm clock of my sister unintentionally and now I am without the time.) I am in bed, wondering whether I should see a bit […]

June 17, 2014 — elephantasy

Dear elephant, I translated the quote via Google translate and I truly like it, I feel it is to an extent true. But I should keep room for exploration on my part, so that I may reach a final conclusion. The work day at the office is about to end, just a few minutes and I’ll […]

The nature of elephants

Sweet, good that you were waiting with the hat :) (as an elephant I have a big head, and then the hat might not fit.) Look, I found this quote here, from Montesquieu: “Die Deutschen sind den Elefanten vergleichbar; zunächst wirken sie schrecklich, doch sobald man sie gestreichelt hat und ihnen schmeichelt, werden sie sanftmütig. […]

June 15, 2014 — 5 more days

Baby, Hello! It’s a nice Sunday morning, it’s cloudy and there’s a breeze of fresh air, a little bit like autumn weather and I’m dreaming of going places with you. My imagination is quite energetic and I feel like going to all sorts of parties with you and to explore so many things… Yesterday I was […]

6 days

While I am trying to guess where the Elephant kiss is going to be, I am lying on my sisters couch, listening to Sebastian Telliers La Ritournelle. My feet are in the sun and the rest in the shades… I miss you. I wish you would squirrel around me, I would not be able to […]