30 July, 2015 — Living and loving in Berlin

It is cold in Berlin today, and again, for the second time this month, I missed a doctor’s appointment. Why have I scheduled the timing as 12:00 p.m. instead of 11:00 a.m. on my electronic reminder? Perhaps I still haven’t found my balance in the city and my mind was playing tricks on me to let me know.

I moved from Beirut to Berlin last December. L* and I had planned this very moment for more than a year. The moment when I sit on my desk at my new home and work remotely for the same institution that I had worked for in Beirut, this moment when I type my thoughts down on the blog, and all the moments before that moment. A lot has happened since 21 December, one of those is our official marriage end of April, the church celebration on the 5th of May, and our two months stay in Beirut to prepare for a bigger wedding ceremony.

Throughout the planning process I thought that I would miss the sun, but all I can say is that, at this very instance, not so much. My soul is filled with warmth and gratitude. Gratitude for loving and being loved and thankfulness for the ability to see the world away from the Middle East’s bubble of distorted noise.



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