Saturday the 30th

:) Habibi, I am having a hectic day, I’m currently taking a break and having dinner out with friends. Will write to you in the evening when I’m back home.. Don’t be sad about the shoes, I know someone and we can fix them when you’re here, for much much cheaper…Everything has a solution.. I […]

November 29. The shoe crises

I love listening to music in the car. (I also remember quite vividly how it was to listen to songs together with you. This one, by the way, I don’t know… At least from the title. We heard it on our trip? I will bring earphones tomorrow :) to check it. Before I forget: Do […]

To Miss Sonnenschein

Dear, yesterday you were reacting so fast. Impressive :) And this photo story is hillarious, I do not understand the words, but especially the jeans jacket is wonderful. (I am happy that I was throwing away mine a long time ago.) It is also good, that you did not accept the other job offer, although […]

Thursday, November 28, 2013 — Coca-cola and Nous Deux!

Darling, Thank you for writing to me. Today, I dragged myself out of bed, literally, I was sooo tired… afterwards at around ten a.m., I presented my findings to the head of the department. It went very well! I then met a friend during lunch break, received your message while I munched on a burger, […]

Vollkornbrot mit Harzer Käse

Oh great! Another study… Where do you get these studies always? I am impressed. This one is interesting. (Can you send me another copy attached to email, so I can print it.) I will ask O. about the hysteria-topic. (I do agree with what you are saying, it is definitely hidden and is doing its […]