Dear, This is wonderful squirrelism, what you wrote. I am reading it while I am lying on the couch at my sisters house after a late sunday afternoon nap. The sky is quite dramatic, after it rained almost the entire day. I wish you would be here. You would look at me, for a while […]

The Salesman

Hi my dear, that sounds quite good, all in all :) I am happy to hear that. At least they appreciate all the work you have invested. So we will have to wait now, being slightly optimistic. My day was not so successful. I had a major computer-problem. I tried to solve it myself, and […]

August 26, 2014 — :)

Dear L*, I just got back from the embassy. Everything went very smoothly and I was lucky to be sent to kiosk number 5, where a nice middle aged lady handled my papers. I had a complete file and the embassy was not in need of my personal bank account details. Only an account abroad […]

Kissing and hugging

So what happened to L. Will he get another appointment? Tell him I am sorry. (And these people all need to be held responsible for their stupidity.) I had indeed a good workday today :) I was much more successful than yesterday. It also helped that I had a little nap at five on my […]