Bee dance

Hi my sweet,

you did some bee-research. interesting… (I am still a bit angry about the species, even though it was probably a wesp that stung me last summer.)

Today was a not a very good day. Low energy, too much heat, no good organisation :(

I am also missing our routine and I miss your presence. I actually miss our little room and the bed too :) (Here I am feeling much more tired in the morning.)

Now I need to run und buy some bread, I want to get these special bread with spices and the shop will close soon.

And then? What should I do at home? (I am not in the mood for reading. Should I continue to watch breaking bed… Well first of all you have to check it and then we decide whether we will continue it together.)

My dear, I miss you…. I miss you so much. (I will get out of the office now, i will escape. Hopefully tomorrow it will be better.)

I am sedning you a kiss and I am also trying to do some bee-dance with it :)


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