April 20, 2014 — Easter Sunday

L* and I had left the house at the right time in order to meet my family for Easter lunch. We were however, surprised to see that someone had sabotaged my car by breaking the windscreen wipers and destroying some of the paint. L* and I went to the police and had one of them […]

April 9 2014 is my birthday

April 9 is my date of birth. L and I came home late after we had spent my birthday eve with my parents. When we came back home, I started “squirreling around”, as L* calls it.  I “squirreled around” until way past midnight, which made L* very angry. After time had passed I kept asking him for […]

Re: * traveling kiss… (only one day)

:) So this means the kiss is traveling direct pigeon from Germany to Italy, then to Greece and then to Turkey before it lands at the airport… I cannot wait for the kiss, only because you will show up shortly when I get it! I will finally see you tomorrow. I hope the work day […]

* traveling kiss… (only one day)

I am sending you a kiss, to arrive in time, just these little moments before we REALLY kiss. I hope you feel it, its gonna be in the air. (The kiss will kiss you, I hope that will work :)) Tomorrow somewhere outside the building of the airport, shortly after you arrival, when you have […]

Two days

We will do that. We will share all these stories… I was traveling today, and I wish you would have been with me, looking out of the window next to me and then finally arrive.  Now I am watching TV (i saw the last few minutes of the depressing loss of Dortmund, and now I […]

March 3, 2014 — Good night…

Darling, I am staring blankly at the computer, much like when a person gazes into oblivion by taking in a pattern of scenic visuals when engaged in long travel. There are fragments of happenings scattered here and there, but I won’t write about them, I’ll tell you stories during the day or when I see […]