Christmas madness

Sweet, I am writing to you from Caras Cafe, a place right next to Potsdamer Platz, where I just went to find out about Internet- and telephone business. I will tell you details on the phone. Here, I am surrounded by christmas madness, including an artificial skating track or whatever you call it, where people […]

November 28, 2014 — Peace and tranquility

Dear L*, I set ixquick as my homepage. Thank you for sharing this search engine with me, it will be useful, especially after Facebook’s announcement of the new terms and conditions that will make it easier to pry on an individual’s consumerist preferences through partner search engines beginning January. The day dragged with ceaseless annoyances. […]

Alaouie, Liquidrom and ixquick

Dear, thank you for bringing that up. Alaouie sounds very interesting. The idea, that a metro can make a difference. Very interesting. I think there is some truth in it. I am taking the metro every day, and I think it forces you to accept reality, to accept your environment in all its complexity, to […]

November 26, 2014 — Good evening love!

Dear L*, Just before settling to write to you, my mother called me to give her “De Si Braves Garcons”, the book you bought for her. She is in bed unwinding and Modiano is her next read. I am yet to witness my father enjoying Orwell. My day jaunted between work, studies, Jumblatt’s Twitter account […]


The other day, I read this article about a german professor, who is asking his students to not address him as either female or male. That means if you write to him, you have to do it this was: Liebx ProfX or something like that. Because “Lieber” would be male and “Liebe” would be female, […]