Re: Two more days

L* :) Thank you for sending me the lovely photographs, the stories they tell are fantastic, both of them, and I passed them on to my mom and sister. The one with you dressed up as Santa and your sister as a fairy angel is in black and white, it did not occur to me […]

Two more days

… yesterday we actually listened to Feiruz in the radio. They were playing one of her songs and simultanously translated the lyrics. Earlier while i was doing the christmas decoration on our “tree”, there was another radio feature about the christmas celebration among arabian christians. Lebanon was also mentioned a few times. I need to […]

Send photos?!

:) Guess what? I am finally done with work! This means that I won’t be doing any extra tasks until mid-January approx!  I will now go out for dinner with friends, after I’m done, I will drive back to my house in Hamra so that I may skip tomorrow morning’s traffic… Okay, it’s time to […]