Only two days!

:) The energetic elephant today was indeed squirreling through the city, even though its extremely cold here. Minus seven is it now, not so nice. Yesterday a friend told me about these stones. That is a special thing here in Berlin, they are called “Stolpersteine”. Its basically that you buy a golden stone from an […]

Yellow angels

My sweetheart, the table is indeed kind of a table. I do share your thoughts about it :) (By the way, the table where I am now sitting is also quite nice. In general I like big tables, especially big kitchen tables :)) I was tempted to do some research about the chesterfield sofa, but […]

January 25 – 5 days

My dear, today was a sad day, in a way, but maybe it was also somekind of a relief – I finally finished “The Wire”, after 5 seasons and so many hours. Maybe it reached its peak already after 3 seasons, but I also enjoyed the other two :)… But I hopefully will read more […]

January 23 – Hotel Rotana Gefinor…

Dear, dogs searching at Rotana Gefinor… This place becomes more and more scary… (A dark place, with such a promising cryptic name, I checked the rooms online, they have these beautiful orange flowers on one picture, it looks smooth and airy, the double bed looks like spring to me…) I liked your poem! (Its in […]