Seven Kisses

Dear, today there will not an asparagus day, I was thinking of a salad-potatoe-salad-saussauge day or evening. Maybe with some carrots and “sahne joghurt” (Kirsch oder Erdbeere.) I did not take care of my social live this week, so I am staying at home. But I am out of serials. I startet another one from […]

9 days…

1. Watch something moving in the wind. 2. Lie down on a street and change the view of the world. 3. Exchange one of your shoes with someone. 4. Call out to a squirrel in the city. 5. Open every drawer as quickly as possible. 6. Look at people watching a movie. 7. Wait for […]

Happiness moments

My dear, the good thing about all this is, that I can read the things that you write. I kind of missed that. Reading your letters, and I like your style and your observations. The Super Mom :) (She also does sound a bit scary or how can I say, this idea to ENJOY… I […]


Hello my sweet, after a long and complicated mothers-day-flower-online-order-process, I am now about to leave the office. Its very hot today. But now it also rains :( (I went to our clothing-lady and gave my suit for cleaning.) And I made a plan for the next week. I was without one today and it did […]

From the hotel

My dear, I am just sitting in the bed in the hotel. This is definitely the last night without my baby! I had a shower, a nice dinner, was reading Agamben and had a very nice conversation with a orthodox jew and his family. (He has 5 children, is a philosopher, but works in gardening […]


Why are you not on skype, I wanted to skype with you — But then I also like writing to you :) The man was indeed on N.’s party and he is gay :) (He usually leaves the hotel very late at night to go too places I assume.) I am also lying on a […]

From the hotel

I hug you! I am at the hotel and was just watching the classico and thinking about your father, as he probably watched it too. I was a bit tired early on, but got better later. In the evening I had a very nice thai curry and now I am in the hotel… Actually I […]