Hello my sweet,

after a long and complicated mothers-day-flower-online-order-process, I am now about to leave the office.

Its very hot today. But now it also rains :( (I went to our clothing-lady and gave my suit for cleaning.) And I made a plan for the next week. I was without one today and it did not work out too well. I almost stayed at home. (At least I stay at home during the morning hours.) After you called, I was watching the new serial “Vorstadtweiber” for two hours. My god how could I do this :)

(It’s I copy of Sex in the city or Desperate houswifes, but it is not so bad as some critics say. But maybe I was also a bit depressed, because I was without my baby, and this was the best thing to do, watching this austrian-german TV-trash… Eating toast bread that was not toasted with the leftovers of the “Leberwurst” and some tomatoes fragments… They had it on the ARD Mediathek and I saw the first three episodes. After that it was a little bit better.)

Now I am heading home. Tonight I will go out with my sister for suhi. (So its kind of a chickflick-day for me today:))

I picture you know driving back from the beach, in your fancy black limousine with a lot of sun in your hair and on your skin. (I wish I could be next to you in the car… and we would head for drinks to the city :)

I miss you.



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