Happiness moments

My dear,

the good thing about all this is, that I can read the things that you write. I kind of missed that. Reading your letters, and I like your style and your observations. The Super Mom :) (She also does sound a bit scary or how can I say, this idea to ENJOY… I remember also that my mother used to ask us, when we were at the beach or in the water during holiday: Are you happy? Or she used to say: Are you happy? Isn’t it wonderful? Implicating that there should be no doubt that we are all very happy. And Indeed the moment of happiness in my childhood during these holiday were always related to my mother calling out the moment of happiness. Usually in the water, when we left the shore and reached the open water… it was just a moment and my mother gave the signal. As you also sometimes say: Hugging time! And then we hug and we are happy :) :) (My father was planing and organizing the event and our journey, but my mother was the toastmaster, the person who defined the moment. The happiness moment… (Nowadays I can not count all the moments of happiness with you. There are so many… ) it is good that we write each other… It also makes me happy. Happy to share this with you. I also wish I could just take the bike and drive out to you. (Of course I would bring your bike with me, so that we can continue our journey. It makes me already to happy to see you driving the bike. With your helmet and the quick energetic movements. The last time I already had to put quite some energy in following you, when we came home. You are getting faster and faster.)

I am hugging you, holding you tight, so that you can not run away :)

I also kiss you.




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