From the hotel

My dear,

I am just sitting in the bed in the hotel. This is definitely the last night without my baby!

I had a shower, a nice dinner, was reading Agamben and had a very nice conversation with a orthodox jew and his family. (He has 5 children, is a philosopher, but works in gardening and park monitoring, kind of… A very gentle, nice man.)

Well. Now I am about to go to sleep. I was shocked to read about the co-pilot from the german wings flight. How he was locking himself and then put the plain down all by himself, 27 years old guy… That is a tragedy…. I sure, you know about it. I hope I will forget it. Some hollywood movie might help!

Tomorrow I will come back. I am looking so much forward to be with you. So much!

I also miss you!

Lots of kisses



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