Zero days

Last night I missed your Skype messages…. Were you concerned about the robbery in the KDW? (Thinking where will I go there, what kind of place is it?) But I think when it comes to crime Beirut is the much safer place. So you always have to watch your bag and be careful.

I also have to warn you. We do not have a christmas tree here. (But I am not afraid of your bags. Because it is going to be the sweetest moment of the day to carry your bags. Or should I not better carry you and then leave the bags behind?)

Well the first thing I will do, is to hug you. (I will whisper something in your ear. I know already what it will be.)

Now I am still in bed, but I will soon get up and have a cold shower, to wake up completely.

Again I woke up extremely early and watched television. For a while I saw the night program of the german state TV. I was a little documentary about the german city Fulda without words, only showing the castle and the park of the castle, while smooth and peaceful guitar sounds were in the background.

I was trying to go back to sleep, but I probably was too excited. To excited to be with you, to hug you and hold you tight.

Zero days.




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