Berlin as a depressed person


you buying a normal black one, that is a relief :)

But the others are quite remarkable, I have to admit I find them quite intriguing.

I loved all these photos… Beirut looks so clean, fresh and full of energy. You are sure you want to come to Berlin (Berlin now is quite a depressed person, but it will improve in the winter… Maybe indoors its not so depressing.)

I really need a break. This day was again stressful. And the coming days also will be…

I am now heading to meet a friend in an restaurant called “Ö”. This is at least a social activity, that might be helpful to get some rest. I am also quite near to the end of Breaking Bad. (I am in a way happy that it is over. It is also depressing more and more, even though it has still interesting twists, and since I did not stop watching it, it must be kind of good :))

I am sending a kiss…. And this exhibition, by the way, it looks like somebody wants to illustrate your complicated life right now, with your move and all these preparations. We will both work hard to have a peaceful january :))




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