Ein großes Mädchen

Squirrel! Where are you?

There is all the sudden sun in Berlin. It is early in the morning, it’s cold, but there is sun. Maybe it will stay :)

I miss you… I assume you are now sitting in traffic or you have already reached the office. I wish I could sit next to you and discuss the plans for the evening. And what we are going to do.

Yesterday I could not call you, I came home at midnight, had a few glasses of wine and we discussed a lot of topics (especially the islamic issue, which was a bit enjoying. They also have this new group here “Pegida”, which organizes demonstrations against the high number of refugees kind of… There are a lot of right wing people involved, but I think they also manage to attract people in the middle of the political sphere… Not so good.)

Now the guy in the coffee shop calls a customer “a big girl”, saying “well you are already a big girl now  (“ein großes Mädchen”). Hmm… Kind of weird.

I am sending a big kiss and a big hug as well!




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