December 3, 2014 — The squirrel is tired..

Dear L*,

We can hug each other with gloves when we’re outside, or maybe we can hold hands in your jacket’s pocket for extra warmth.

There was a lot to do today, I finished a chunk of work for my freelance client, tasks and content to last up until January 10 so I do not have to worry much about being connected the whole time.

I still have other things to do though. On Saturday we’re doing a photo shoot for products that I am unable to find online. I also have to take care of my personal work account and to submit the yearly statement. I am lucky a friend does it for me as things are quite hectic.

Yesterday, my car ended up behind a taxi with loud speakers. A guy was sending out a message to the citizens of Beirut.image-2

He was asking Beiruti renters to take possession of their city, to participate in a demonstration against the increase in lease prices. Many rentees still pay an old fee from the days of the war. The fee is minuscule and does not  cover the renter’s expenses even with a yearly accumulation, and so this issue is on-going.

Okay, it is time to leave the office. I am tired and I miss you very much…



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