My dear,

Burned tires… that reminds me of an exhibition in Beirut Art Center. An artist created some paintings based on the various rubber material from different demonstrations in Lebanon. But I am not sure about the details. Did he or she actually took a sample of it from the site or did the artist knew about the material? I also do not remember how the pictures looked like. (Confronted with an actual demonstration this kind of art work does loose its relevance a bit … I am not sure, whether it is not some kind of exploitation, but this is also easy to say. Because sometimes it is exactly what art is doing and what it is supposed to do. Exploitation, confrontation, provocation… What ever…)

I am leaving the office soon. It was a very long and intense day. The good thing about this intensity is, that time flies by and that the moment where we see each other comes closer and closer.

Today it was minus two. It was the first day, I wore gloves :)

But I can also hug you with gloves, don’t i?




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