Christmas madness


I am writing to you from Caras Cafe, a place right next to Potsdamer Platz, where I just went to find out about Internet- and telephone business. I will tell you details on the phone.

Here, I am surrounded by christmas madness, including an artificial skating track or whatever you call it, where people race down and then there is the Christmas market, people drinking “Glühwein” in the cold. (Well, you can see one, in Cologne :))

Now I am having a hot chocolate and I am thinking of what I am going to eat later. Fish, chicken or just some bread… (Opposite is the Berlin Mall, also brand new… Things are changing quickly here… I have not been in the area for quite a while. I will not further explore the environment though, because I am hungry and I am also looking forward to call you later.)

I hope today there were no demonstrations on your way. (Even though your are right having sympathy with these people. Aarsal seems to be very far away right now, but I think it feels also far away in Ashrafieh, to which this here is similar.)

I am sending you a kiss. I am looking to the shops on Leipziger Platz. No Zara to be seen, but I am pretty sure there is one in side.




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