November 28, 2014 — Peace and tranquility

Dear L*,

I set ixquick as my homepage. Thank you for sharing this search engine with me, it will be useful, especially after Facebook’s announcement of the new terms and conditions that will make it easier to pry on an individual’s consumerist preferences through partner search engines beginning January.

The day dragged with ceaseless annoyances. Perhaps the dragging started from my side, I cannot fathom. A human chain of peaceful demonstrators had blocked the road leading to downtown Beirut causing insurmountable traffic, which of course I undertook as a challenge of futile twists and turns and short-cuts. I lost. I gave up and decided to meet my cousin the graphic designer so that we can work on a concept for my freelance client. The human chain had then dissolved a couple of hours later, but my client is stubborn and remains so. I finished working at 9 p.m. and here I am now, writing to you.

I feel like stepping into your house, taking my boots off and crawling into bed to find you, you are peace and tranquility.



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