November 26, 2014 — Good evening love!

Dear L*,

Just before settling to write to you, my mother called me to give her “De Si Braves Garcons”, the book you bought for her. She is in bed unwinding and Modiano is her next read. I am yet to witness my father enjoying Orwell.

My day jaunted between work, studies, Jumblatt’s Twitter account and Lebanese movie director Borhan Alaouie. Oriental and Lebanese cultural lavishness puts me in awe and I am interested in the studies of “the now”. Perhaps Borhan Alaouie, best sums up the country’s Zeitgeist. In one of his movies “A Toi Ou Que Tu Sois” or “To You Wherever You Are”,  that I watched a few weeks back on one of the days during your work journey, he says, literally, I translate: “Perhaps perhaps. Beirut if it had a Metro, this wouldn’t have happened to it”. The author describes Beirut as he sees it in 2001 upon his arrival from Paris, 11 years after the end of the civil war, through the eyes of friends and compatriots. It is an experimental documentary and a masterpiece, to those who can genuinely feel it. In the movies that I have seen so far, Alaouie’s characters have a thing in common, they are unable to form normal healthy relationships, which he attributes to the war that has depreciated the value of the human being and everything human. His emotive point-of-view, I believe, is very, very concrete.

Ah well, the tribute today should go to Sabah, a well-loved Lebanese singer, actress, and entertainment artist. She was an icon, well-known for her love for life, nine husbands, and a forever young looking face. She passed away at the age of 87…

I am not acquainted with Gerhard Richter, but now that I see his work in the article you sent me, I think he has picked a marketable niche. All in all very interesting.

Quick update, L and R will not spend New Year’s in Germany, so we will have to plan our own. And what else, I have a pressing question, can we go to Liquidrom after New Year’s?




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