19 November, 2014 — wo bist du elefant??

Dear L*,

I miss you elephant!

I kept checking the clock so that I may talk to you before heading to sleep yesterday and I was quite impatient at the end of dinner. But it was nice to see Z and spend the night in. Her son is adorable and has gotten used to me.

I also met the catering guy before dinner, he’s quite convincing and a tasting session is in progress. Several times I had wished that you were with me as he skimmed through his portfolio, it would have been fun to choose the menu items together.

Baby, is there a high quality thermal underwear brand that you would recommend? L tells me it’s too cold and the German transportation system is not as efficient as it boasts. 20 minutes waiting in the cold is torture he said. I feel that proper boots, thermals, and big impermeable coats can do the trick. Am I too hopeful? lol :)

I will call you tonight, as I truly miss you. I have stories too!

Warm hugs,

das eichhornchen




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