November 18, 2014 — 34 more days

Dear L*,

Should I start a countdown as to how many days are left for us to see each other? 34 more days, that’s just a tad over a month.

Hmm.. I am thinking of all the items on my to-do-list that need to be taken care of. One part is work related, another is related to my freelance job, plus the wedding preparations, and the last one pertains to a final check-up on what I should be taking with me. But, I have a feeling that everything will resolve quickly. I took Friday off this week in-lieu of a previous compensatory day, so it will help.

By the way, L and R and R’s friend J, whom you’ve met in Berlin last year, went to a super eccentric Arabic nightclub in Munich. It was a night of gay glamor, and the public, Middle Eastern and North-African, was not too subtle. Very flashy and feminine is more like it, pretty much like Lebanese women, multiplied by three. And their happy German boyfriends were with them L said. Songs of celebrated Lebanese pop singers flooded the place and I only wished we could have been there to see what it is like.  According to L’s judgment, if that scenario ever arises, you would definitely want out, but I secretly thought that you’d start talking to people. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the Lebanese and their fellow Arab nationals would flaunt their individuality in a setting that has zero threats or constraints? Anyhow, R and L and J especially –who stormed out of the nightclub abruptly and left R in a frenzy– do not want to step into this place ever again.

And lastly, guess which country is the world’s favorite according to this Reuters reporter? Skim through the article here.

I will call you tonight elephant :)



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