November 4, 2014 — a trail of flowers blooms as the elephant walks

Dear L*,

I hope you’re not too busy and overwhelmed. I realize that research and making certain that you won’t be standing on damp grounds is quite a task. I hope you will reap the fruits of your trip.

I arrived home, just now, realizing that you had earlier messaged me. I had a calm yet somber afternoon, driving all the way to the upper Metn area to offer condolences to a colleague whose dear uncle passed away. I then had lunch with another colleague in Hamra, which was less jammed and jarred than usual.

I have dark red lipstick on. This time it’s Dior. I tried it at the Cosmetics and Fragrances shop on my way back and I like it. Perhaps such a lipstick prepares a woman for battle or submission, or both, together, respectively or simultaneously. The Battle of Karbala exists in each one of us and if it doesn’t, life sparingly throws it at you.

Thank God for lipstick.

And you, who makes all the flowers bloom.

I kiss you :)



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