October 31, 2014 — Packing is hectic

Dear L*,

The day began so quickly and the sun went back into the sea, and here I am, almost getting ready to leave the office. Time runs. There have been some positive developments at work, but I cannot predict the course of things or whether my advances will be completely in my favor. It all depends on HR and the institution’s bureaucratic processes. My boss deeply feels that HR may not automatically be on our side and that we need to take action in a way that forces them to make a decision in a very short period of time. All in all, and without going furthermore into detail, body language, choice of words, and the chosen setting to discuss details, I find that the compass points confidently towards safe shores.

I thought of you today for as long as time explicitly allowed, and the rest was fleeting in between tasks in the back of my mind like a child’s cartoon of gently passing drawings of ships and sea and birds…

I have a lot to do, so much to wrap up, and it all requires a lot of tactic.

I will leave the office now, I have a meeting and all I can think about is stability, the type I long for, the one where steadiness reigns and where we get to sleep in each others’ arms.

Write to me about your day when you can.

I kiss you..



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