October 28, 2014 — The Elephant and the Squirrel

Dear L*,

I read about the Google egg freezing project last week, it is drowning under criticism as you mentioned.The decision to help women freeze eggs can be applauded as it allows women who do not feel like having children at a certain moment in their lives to wait until they truly want to venture into such a project. The author of one article I read, kept wondering why Google wasn’t donating to scientific causes, one idea was to help create artificial wombs to females who at a later stage might need them. I find Google’s approach and the author’s chosen pathway to criticism quite disturbing, not because it bolsters the idea that career cannot exist when little children do, but because it perpetuates a “Jurassic” system, that which accords care-taking to the mother only. I find it baffling that companies which pride themselves on being part of the the 2.0 and 3.0 collaborative revolution would think from such a myopic point of view when it comes to the relations that govern individuals outside of the business compass. Doesn’t collaboration exist in personal life as well? Perhaps Google should work on internal policies that go in the direction of fostering an environment that is friendly for families as well.

How will the elephant and the squirrel deal with their family life? Perhaps the colossal elephant is to guard the children and tell them wise stories, then the squirrel would run somewhere to gather things quickly and get them to the bunch. Roles would alternate between the elephant and the squirrel. But the elephant takes a whole lot of time and sometimes the squirrel would get impatient with the elephant (even though he ends up getting more things), then he would feel sad for a moment and force his leg unto the ground. A disquieting sound will ensue. The squirrel would then freeze and stop eating her nuts quite abruptly. Then, after a second or ten or five, she would continue staring at the elephant and would start eating again, just like that, nibbling without saying a word, and after a minute or two, because of her impatience, she would jump on the elephant and give him a big hug.



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