Social Freezing


are these real squirrels, I mean plastic ones, in this box? It’s funny, but its also nice… (Even though the squirrel do look a bit scary:))

I keep seeing squirrels here too… The other day I saw one, it was relatively slow, so I could follow its movements. Maybe I am also improving in the way I am looking at a squirrel in general… And know I can better see, what it is doing.

I also remember, that I found you so quick and challenging in the beginning (challenging in a good way :)). But I think I am getting used to it. But you are still quite quick and sometimes challenging as well… :)

Today I read an article, that Apple and Facebook actually introduced the idea of “social freezing” to their staff. That means the female staff is offered to freeze their eggs for several years, so that they have freedom of choice about the timing of having kids. It is called “Social Egg Freezing”.

The article said, that it sounds like a nice idea, but at the end it is also widen the gender gap, in such a way, that women are forced to quickstart their career, getting over it as fast as possible and then might eventually have children. That men could also do something, is out of the picture, says the article. And it also says, that it would be better to think of how a woman could be supported while they are doing both, career and children. Because this idea states, that there is either career or children, and that, as the article says, its wrong.

Well, anyway… Reading that, it reminded me of Dave Eggers The circle… There is also somekind of darkness in this idea of “Social Egg Freezing”. Could be well a part of the novel (although the novel it so good, and I don’t like it, but it is at least right in imagining what these overly self confident and arrogant companies like apple and google might want to do and think, that they can do, in the future.)

I am now heading home, to call you… (today it was not so cold, it was actually sunny, a nice autumm day.. you would have liked it.)



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