Back from Saturn

Hello my sweet,

now it is dark outside. My rhythm is in disorder :) I postponed traveling because I realized tomorrow is a holiday, and I decided to actually stay one more day, to get some work done, before I got tomorrow morning, that will be still early enough for my meeting in the afternoon.

I went to a big electronic store today in the morning to buy an iphone for my mother. It seems to be easy but then it was all the sudden complicated. After several phone calls with my sister I decided on a model which hopefully suits my mothers needs, even though she will be sure alienated by the new technology in her house. (She sure will cope though, she already survived an Ipad at her age. And to transfer her Ipad knowledge to the iphone will be not difficult, it was more difficult for me to decide on the model and the color :) When I called her boyfriend to get some help in this decision process, it was her who was picking up the phone, because he, as usual, left it at the house. I then asked her which color she likes in general, but that was not too helpful… She also could not decide whether green is better then blue (the two options) and that only a mix would be weird. Sure there is no green-blue-colored I phone anyway. So I finally opted for a blue one… After I tried to get my sister, but she was under the shower…  (This all happened in a shop called “Saturn” on the Kurfuerstendamm, and in a way it was an outer space experience kind of. Since I bought a phone, that i personally do not want, in a color my mother might not like, so that she probably need to exchange it anyway, even though she does not want a complicated phone like that at the first place, but will hopefully like it some times later in the future.)

It was not a surprise that I got into trouble, after this journey, when I was back in the real world, back from the planet saturn, after I spent almost 400 Euro for the trip. Outside I got on my bike and slightly touched a car with my tire, the rubber touched it only very gently. And then there was a guy in the car, and hell broke loos. We had a big fight outside on Kurfürstendamm, he accused me of touching his car, because “touching” is not allowed, and I shouted at him, that he is a lunatic, and that I could not know that there was someone in the car and touching the car with the rubber of my bike was not an offence anyway. And so on…

I left the scene and drove home, dropped the Iphone, that nobody wants, but later everybody will love (hopefully) and went back to work. That was my journey to Saturn and back.)

It was just a small episode in a day, which was not so bad at all. Now I will go home again… Through the darkness, and I will call you later… ( I am looking forward to that already :))




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