1 October 2014 — Music and caresses

Dear L*,

I am happy that I replaced the 11 p.m. call with a 4:30 p.m call instead. It does feel different to talk to you when I’m not in pajamas! Outfits create different moods in general.

Yesterday I bought nice velvety wardrobe hangers, they made me happy. As I was saying on the phone, the week’s schedule is full with errands, and I have one single meeting scheduled every single day of the week and next week too. One is with my freelance client, with whom I will be discussing the possibility of travels and working remotely.

It was raining and I was meaning to borrow a colleague’s umbrella to shelter me from the rain, but the rain is gone now and clouds have gently and swiftly scattered… This weather is a pleasant miracle. It is also so because we will share it this October :)

I am currently listening to this:

This song is a miracle too, human creation can be miraculous…
I feel that a song is not just a melody, it weaves vibrations that focus on one sense and beyond. An instrument creates vibrations that get caught from one instrument to another, one person to another, contagious vibrations.
Isn’t it amazing?
They even affect the hearts of those who are mere observers of these vibrations, listeners. It’s beautiful how music affects us. I also feel that it gives an insight of a person’s soul and its temperament as well. It can be erotic when paired with empathetic consonance, its own harmony is transmissible to situations.

I will teach you about oriental music and its intonations, not because I am proficient about it, but because I want you to feel it as I do…



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