September 29, 2014 — my dear intelligent and energetic elephant needs some rest

My dear darling,

I read your e-mail in the morning before heading to work. I am finally back to life and to the office. I knew that you were awfully busy and that it was hard for you to write to me. I was also taking a break from using the computer extensively. So I occasionally checked my phone for urgent emails, messages, and such. There’s a lot to do at the office and work has slightly piled up after my sick leave. I am glad that I am healthier (ich bin gesund!)
I was also writing you occasional messages via Skype, messages that I knew you would not receive until you sign in once you arrive home.
I miss you as well and hopefully my dear elephant will get enough sleep on the airplane on his way home. Please say hello to your sister and mother.
It is pouring rain right at this moment. You will love the mild weather in October. Sharing it with you will be a pleasure.

I wish you the best of luck and I hug you very very tight. By the way, I think my cousin knows your cousin. What a small world it is!

Lots of love and smiles and sunshine from my heart,



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