In a children’s room


now I am packing :)

I am leaving in the afternoon and I am already looking forward to talk to you, hopefully tonight. Yesterday it was wrong, that I did not communicate with you during the day. But there was no way to get in touch with you until I reached home. (But that feels wrong, I always want to be in touch with you at least one time during the day.)

I wanted to sleep a bit more, but I can not go back to sleep (being surrounded by all this children toys, as if am imprisoned in a dream of some little kids, who themselves have left the scenery. Next to me is the little beetle with the surf board, behind me is this kind of mask or this orange head with a mouth that you can open up, there is a Barbie suitcase on the other side, these cheesy puppet house facing the Lego space ships and all kind of children books that I can not read. And there is a big mirror, whee I have not seen myself yet, but maybe i did not pay enough attention… Oh I see my phone on a spot where I would have not found it again so soon :) Now I am going back to packing, I also need to have breakfast.

I miss you. First of all I miss communicating with you, than I miss hearing your voice, I miss seeing your face, I miss touching you… I miss hugging you, I miss the scent of your hair… I miss your eyes.

I will call you as soon as possible.




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