September 23, 2014 — :)

Dear L*,

You must be on your way to your destination right now. Please give me a signal once you arrive. I just got back home and we’re watching the news right now. Everyone is curious about the US’ actions in Syria. Some feel it’s positive and others think it’s bad for the region, especially to potential Shia Sunni tensions, as Huzballa is now said (by the NY times) to be coordinating with the US to fight a common enemy. The Iraqis as an example are against the strikes as they feel they would pave the way for the US to set their foot inside Syria, as they did in their country. It’s also going wild again in Tripoli. Armed men have assaulted a police station and killed a soldier. My father’s friend who lives in Sweden just called him via viber, they are discussing Isis and the US rockets and weighing their effect.

Hasan Nasrallah is now having a speech on television. There’s a sudden calmness over here. Lovers and haters, everyone is listening. No matter whose side they’re on, citizens in this country need a leader, someone to look up to. Thus the silence, a symbol of this deep need of inexistent security created around a man’s confident charisma and unwavering voice. Nasrallah is making it very clear right now, that he condones US presence in the area. He has made his case persuasively. He is against foreign intervention and entering a coalition to defend the US’ interests in the region. He also clarifies that he is not against American people, but against the states’ policies. If the US wants to help Lebanon, it should allow its army to gain strength he says. The fact that they are not allowing this, shows that they have ulterio motives that do not relate to fake American morality and the so-called fight against terrorism in any way. I wish I could share the video with you, but I found extracts from Al Manar’s website:

“When we announced that we are battling in Al-Quseir some rejected this announcement but we wanted from the beginning to disassociate Lebanon from the crisis in Syria and called on those who want to fight us to go to Syria.
Everybody knows that we are against ISIL and all Takfiri ideologies and that we are fighting it. However, we are against any foreign intervention under the cover of any coalition or under any pretext. The reason behind our stance is that the US is the mother of terrorism, it supports the entity of terrorism, and it participated in establishing these terrorist groups. The US is not morally qualified for leading an anti-terrorism coalition, such coalition is a pretext for a foreign intervention in our region and we do not accept that Lebanon be part of the US-led international coalition as this would entail dangers to Lebanon and is not in its interest. If any state wants to help lebanon, they can do so by ceasing the support and armament of terrorists and aiding the Lebanese army and solving the refugees issue. We should all side with the government in fighting terrorism.”

On the bright side, Wim Wenders will be honored at the Berlin film Festival this February. I hope I will be at the film festival! I also want to go to the famous library which was featured in Wings of Desire, Der Himmel uber Berlin :):):) I hope I can witness such a poetic moment!

And guess what? L has received a phone call from the embassy today, asking him to present himself with a one month insurance subscription and his passport. I suspect that this means he got an okay :)

I wrote to the embassy today and it seems my papers have left the local office here and are in progress at the foreigner’s office. I’m crossing fingers!

Tell me about you, where are you and what do your eyes see? I want to know!



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