15 September, 2014 — Like the kindness of the mild sun

Dear baby,

I was thinking of you all day, and I got warm feelings throughout. There’s a certain look on your face that I like, an expression that takes over when you’re feeling very comfortable and content. It makes me fuzzy and happy :)
It was a smooth day at the office all in all. I sent a gazillion emails and received answers right away. Tomorrow I have a meeting first thing at eight a.m.
I will leave the office in a few minutes. I need to get a humidity absorber for the closets as well, I should not forget..

You know, when I talk to you in the afternoon from work, I usually stroll outside on the terrace. While we speak, I touch the leaves of tall evergreen trees in pots. The way the trees smell when I’m picking their rough green seeds reminds me of you now…

What are you doing? You sent a message saying that you’re enjoying the mild Berlin sun. I would love to join you, this way I can see how you’re snug and rested, then I would kiss you abruptly on your forehead and cheeks, kisses as kind as the mild sun…



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