We would open the window and let the steam out and the cold air in. There will be wonderful mix, before it is getting too cold, we will of course close the window in time.

We will buy hats, scarfs, gloves and blankets. We will also have candles, so that there is an imaginary heat in the room as well.

I indeed will fix lamps. (Today I bought a new lightbulb for the lamp in the sleeping room. There we would need another lamp for the squirrel to read books too before we fall asleep. A few days ago, I fixed the bathroom lamp. Monday the housekeeper will come to check for the bathroom and its sink. Tuesday a friend will come to advise me on the bathroom. I also need to fix the lamp in the living room. And we definitely need to get a better lamp for the living room, for the sofa.)

In general I need lamps to see the beauty of my dear. To better see her beautiful face, her smile and her moments of squirrelism. For instance if she will screen rapidly through the new Ikea-catalogue, to tell the elephants to write down all the items she wants to get on the list. It’s gonna be a long list, I assume :)

Today it is a grey day from the beginning to the end. But everywhere is my squirrel, sometimes in front of me, sometimes hiding (behind a tree, underneath the table, in the apartment and hopefully later in the bed.)

I will now walk out of the coffeeplace and will take the bicycle to drive home. The squirrel will be everywhere!




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