September 10, 2014 — Home

Dear L*,

I write to you from the noisy office, I am trying to focus. A colleague talks on the phone loudly about budgeting and a pair speaks of proper English and which call to action sounds better on a flyer. My work day is over, I am done with tasks and I am thinking of interesting thoughts that I have read today.

A friend of mine shared a status on Facebook saying that ISIS represents the Arabs’ violent subconsciousness. He is most probably referring to the Arab’s hidden wishes to abolish the borders set by Seyks Picot, to diminish any attempt against their homeland.
Slavoj Zizek feels that ISIS is a disgrace to true fundamentalism. Read his opinion here.
And my subconsciousness is highlighting my fears, playing games with me. Last night I dreamt that ISIS (standing on the entrance of my parent’s home) is to abduct me and my family as I pleaded with them to release us and let me go to Germany to meet my fiancee.

My thoughts on various issues are scribbled on a draft paper on my desk. Scrambled are all sorts of white A4 papers with thoughts on them. Some are work related and others are personal. That is in addition to the yellow post’em stickies and highlighted words that I am so fond off.

Coffee tastes nice at the moment. I like coffee in general.

I miss you.

I long for you.

I miss you so much that I feel I want to leave the office and step into your house as soon as I do so. I just want to hear your giant steps on the white wooden flooring of the apartment again.

The elephant is missed so very much.



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