September 9, 2014 — I send cuddly bear hugs your way!

My dear darling,

I was happy to hear your voice this morning. The more I talk to you, the more I feel the need to be close to you!
The elephant is pleasant to be around. It is nice to do all sorts of activities with the elephant, even those that are not considered activities at all, such as laying there and looking at the ceiling (for less than a minute before we get uneasy)! Maybe we should name such activities, like the elephant and squirrel’s ten-second-ceiling-gazing, something that I mainly do when you’re sleeping. I get uneasy and then I feel like waking you up, because a ceiling gazing companion is necessary!

I want to wake up in the morning and have coffee with you on a weekend, in our apartment, near the kitchen window maybe, or on the grey sofa. And as we have a walk outside, I want to hug you over all the layers of winter clothes and kiss your cold nose.

I can’t wait for you to come in October! October 11 is a Saturday :) unlike most other times where you would land on a Friday.
We may stay at a place in Gemmeyze. The house is quite all right, better than the one where I was living. I will negotiate with the lady as soon as she’s back in the country on September 22. I have two compensatory days off during the month. This time, we are definitely going for a trip somewhere.

By the way, I had to let go of T’s interviewing offer, although I was very interested, but the areas suggested are very dangerous (I do not want to be abducted) and interviewees are not willing to meet me in Zahle. I am also glad that we did not decide to do our big day in Baalbek, the valley, or surrounding areas, as it is total chaos there, the news section is gruesome and I wish it had a tint of hope, such as a well-structured long term nation-building and defense proposition. But one never hears of those.

Oh, The Berlinale Film Week is due on the 18th, which movie do you recommend?

Well, the work day is almost over. Tonight, I will plan my after hour work week, the way you do it! :)

I send a humongous tender hug :)



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