Gazing at the ceiling

I would love to do a ten-second-ceiling-gazing with you :) I also can picture very well all the other things that you recommended :)

My working day was kind of slow, not so succesful. I need to improve, and will try to be more efficient, during the next days.

I checked the german movies. Embarrassingly I did not seen any of them. The only one I wanted to see was “Beloved Sisters”, it is about the famous german writer Schiller. I would love to see it with you, but by the time you are coming it is not running anymore. So you should see it, if you like. (I guess it is a decent movie.) I also read about the Guantanamo one, but also have not seen it (5 years.) I was watching too much “The Wire” last year and I am also reluctant when it comes to german movies :) (Here we will see some, to help you practice your german.)

I can still her your voice in the morning. I can not wait to hear your voice in the morning every day :) (We also need to make sure that we can leave the house together in the morning, at least regularly. I like to leave the house together with you… Oh. I like everything. I wish I could look at the ceiling together with you right now. It would be neonlight now and some metal elements, since I am still at the office.

Thank you also for finding a place. That is wonderful!




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