September 8, 2014 — What is my dear darling doing?

Dear L*,

It’s another Monday and this time, I feel disoriented, in a state of limbo, or I would rather say, in a state of bardo, a transitional frame of mind of sorts. I am however, quite energetic at work and in between, I read occasional chat pop ups from L’s experience on his first day working for the fashion company. So far so good, he likes how organized they are. Around me, Computer keyboards are click click clicking, my colleague hums a song by Mashrou Leila, and glued on my MAC are post em stickies with reminders, to-do lists, a quick list of mostly used extension numbers, and a tracking calendar for the visa. Two weeks have been removed from the list with a highlight marker. Highlight markers are powerful, they make one feel in control.
Speaking of control, a woman leapt our of her car in the midst of traffic this morning. Her car turned on, door wide open, she walked to the third car in the row, furious, ordering a mother to put her two year old child whose body was sticking out of the window half way up, inside the car. “Are you crazy? Put the poor baby inside the car, he is going to fall!” she said.
And I walked steadily, sunglasses on, with a purse hanging on my right arm and a grocery bag swinging in my left hand. It’s 5 p.m. and it’s time to do some research. What should I be adding to my literature review?

That’s what I will be reading tonight: “State-religion Relationships and Human Rights Law: Towards a Right to Religiously Neutral Governance”.

Ah, check this photo gallery out:

…And I miss you…



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