Kisses from the supermarket

These a wonderful pictures… Excellent. I like them… Especially the ones from Baalbek. Some of them are also quite off and almost weird. Interesting.

I just was also checking the pictures of the scarf you were sending me, which also means that christmas is slowly coming closer. (There were also these snow-pictures, I like them too. Do they have snow often in the Beka?)

At the moment I am reading a book from Saul Bellow.  It is called The Bellarosa Connection. It is about a jewish refugee during the war, who wants to say thankyou to the man who saved him from the nazis. This is a famous broadway guy, who is refusing to talk to the man, whom he wants rescued, by sending some mafia-like friends to get him out of Italy. It is an interesting story which reaches its peak in Jerusalem, when the wife of the man is pressuring the famous broadway guy to finally meet her husband in the hotel, where they are all staying, at least for a few minutes, but he still refuses. It ends up in a dramatic and absurd fight between the two of them. I will see how it ends, I read it before, long time ago, so i do not remember it anymore.

I am happy to hear that L. finally started the job. I hope it works out for him, since he once had the bad experience while working from home.

I will now got to the supermarket and get something. What should I get? What would the squirrel like? (At the moment I am planing to buy some “Brot” and maybe a “Hering Salat” :))

I will also check whether they have some kisses, that one can send abroad, maybe frozen kisses. Ah well… there are too cold then. Unless you heat them up in a fraying pan, but than they are gonna be too hot…. Mmh… But maybe… I will check.

I will send them with DHL, in case they have them, all kinds of kisses. Subtle ones and wild ones… Wild ones especially :)




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