Postponed Plath-responce


you were reading Sylvia Plath… I am amazed. I think I need to read your message again. (My head is burning kind of, after a long booking-session… To find the best flight to Beirut in October… Puh… this was complicated, but I have one now, I am coming October 11, Saturday and staying until October 21, Tuesday!)

So i will see my dear!!!!

I will tell you more about my thoughts about Plath… I remember reading her book “Die Glasglocke” in a bath tub once, a long time ago :). (I actually I read only a few pages in the bath tub…, but I remember it, it was in Münster.) I think its her only novel, which she wrote parallel to “Ariel” the poems, that I know a little bit. And I also remember that I liked the novel… Its quite a while though.

At home I will check the poems again tonight… 

I will now rush home. (Need to go to supermarket, have dinner, call my baby, miss my baby, kiss my baby… looking forward to see my baby in october…)





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